Director of Guedes, Bernardo, Imamura & Associados Consultoria Internacional Ltda., is economist, specialized in foreign trade, with experience acquired in the course in Capacitation in International Negotiations at the Florida University – USA, and throughout twenty years of activity in the exercise of lead positions in Brazilian governmental foreign trade secretaries in the areas of international negotiations and trade defense, taking part in the reforms of Brazilian Customs Tariff, the introduction and implementation of antidumping, safeguard and subsidies codes in Brazil and representing the Brazilian Government on the multilateral GATT (current WTO) negotiations.

Was professor at the Foreign Trade Post Graduation course at the Federal Universities of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and Manaus, professor of Customs Legislation and International Trade Law at Veiga de Almeida University and Batista College, professor at the MBA in International Business at IBMEC and MBA in international trade at Cândido Mendes university. Is co-author of the book “Antidumping, Subsídios e Medidas Compensatórias” (Antidumping, Subsidies and Countervailing Measures), already in its 3rd edition, and collaborator of the book “Guerra Comercial ou Integração Mundial pelo Comércio? A OMC e o Brasil” (Trade War or World Integration through Trade? The WTO and Brazil).

Currently is member of the Technical Council of the Brazilian Foreign Trade Association – AEB, being its coordinator of the Trade Defense Committee, member of Brazilian Business Coalition (CEB in the international negotiations and member of the Chambers of Commerce Brazil-United States and Brazil-Germany.